Six Years Of AnyForty - 300 Page Book


Six Years Of AnyForty - 300 Page Book

9 years since this book sold out we've excitedly found a box of them while moving, so now is your last chance ever to grab this long gone sold out Six Years Of AnyForty book. Please note, shipping is expensive due to the weight of the book and being posted in a protective amazon like sleeve, however it's the same price to ship two books just incase you wanted to grab an extra for a gift for an art loving friend, or even grab a second one to keep pristine or save to flip on eBay in a decades time!

Description: It's not easy to survive in business these days, let alone survive and continually keep growing, when we started in March 2008 we never thought all these years later we'd still be going strong, what started out as a side project now takes up a full time job, and what better way to celebrate the AnyForty story by documenting what we've achieved so far in printed form!

So over a inspirational packed 300 page, 140GSM book you'll find 137 pieces of exclusive artwork, showcasing every single artist collaboration we've released in our first full six years as well as some suprise never seen before pieces and interviews with some of your favourite AnyForty artists from around the world. We've also included all the artwork from our two huge charity group shows a selection of some of our favourite AnyForty highlights and a load of beautiful full colour photography from some of our favourite lookbook shoots.

Trust us, if you or anyone you know has a love of art, illustration, fashion or even just enjoy a tale of success from good auld fashioned hard graft then you'll absolutely love our book.

Self published and independently funded. Once this print run is over, we won't be remaking it.

Any questions drop us a mail at and we'll be happy to answer em!

We appreciate your support and your helping a independent brand grow in frankly shite times.

Much love.

The AnyForty Family.