No Cure Magazine: Issue 12 - High Voltage


No Cure Magazine: Issue 12 - High Voltage

We're proud to present to you guys, issue 12 of Brisbane based indie art culture magazine which is published four times a year. We're official UK distributors of the mag and we've imported this in directly ourselves for you guys, we don't make a single penny of profit from these, just cover costs, but we do it because we bloody love this magazine!

We'll let the No Cure guys explain what issue 12 is all about.

In the upcoming 'High Voltage' issue we speak to artists who create and work for the music industry and find out how they come up with the inspiration, the final concept, dealing with labels, musicians and everything else in between. There’s the powerful gig posters of Ken Taylor, the legendary work of Ben Brown, the unique stylings of WBYK and the incredible covers from Morning Breath and Dave Homer. Not to mention every artist has created a ‘Top 10’ playlist at the end of each feature of their favourite tracks, which you’ll be able to listen to on Spotify by hitting up our website.

Most noticeably, however, this issue we decided to cut loose and print a square magazine to represent a vinyl record. Half the artists are on Side A, and the other half on Side B as a reversible magazine.

(Please note each single magazine has the two covers that are on front and back)
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