AnyForty Pride Refix Sticker Twin Packs


AnyForty Pride Refix Sticker Twin Packs

Love stickers? Love our new Pride Refix collection? Then you absolutely need these in your life!

2 packs of 6 custom, die cut, brushed alloy stickers crafted lovingly by our friends at Sticker App.

These vinyl stickers are hands down the best quality stickers you've ever seen in your lives.

Real metalized material with a textured, metallic-like reflection.

These sticker look amazing in normal indoors light but really roar to life when in direct sunlight, crazy shiny like those special stickers we all prayed for when ripping over Panini Football sticker packs as a kid, except this time, there's no praying for a metallic Alan Shearer, you're guaranteed 6 shiny beauts in every pack!

Laminated with a UV protective gloss for lasting outdoor use, meaning stick these stickers on your laptop, your bike helmet, on your car rear window or on your dogs arse, and in 5 years time, they'll probably still look as good as new.

Each pack contains 6 beautiful stickers from our Pride Refix collection, all roughly 4 inches tall.

Pack One features shiny gems from…

• Dmitri Aske
• Ben Brown
• Hydro74
• Tom Mac
• Dan Mumford
• Philth

Pack Two features shiny gems from…

• Add Fuel
• Robin Boyden
• Iain Macarthur
• Kingsley Nebechi
• James Oconnell
• Ohnoes