No Cure Magazine: Issue 7 - Girl Power


No Cure Magazine: Issue 7 - Girl Power

We're proud to present to you guys, issue 7 of Brisbane based indie art culture magazine which is published four times a year. We're official UK distributors of the mag and we've imported this in directly ourselves for you guys, we don't make a single penny of profit from these, just cover costs, but we do it because we bloody love this magazine!

We'll let the No Cure guys explain what issue 7 is all about.

Welcome to the 'Girl Power' issue – 84 pages devoted to the many kick-ass, talented chicks
out there creating cool shit for those of us who appreciate cool shit.

The Girl Power feature showcases No Cure’s five slayers of choice – video director
Selina Miles, mixed media artist Sarah Howell, typographer Gemma O’Brien, illustrator/artist
Grace Garcia and Brisbane-based artist Buttons.

Cover art and typography: Hannah Schefe.
Cover Image: Adalita (Magic Dirt)
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